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Durable 2.500 x 20 Kraft Tubes With Plastic Plugs

Three kraft mailing tubes with white plastic plugs

Chicago Mailing Tube Co. is committed to the needs of our customers. We provide a range of high-quality kraft mailing tubes with plastics plugs in all sizes, including our popular 2.500 x 20 kraft tubes with plastic plugs. Additionally, our kraft tubes are made from 100% recycled materials, and we pack and ship your order ourselves so you can save on shipping costs.

2.500 x 20 Kraft Tubes With Plastic Plugs

When you need to mail more than letters and standard-sized boxes, you may be faced with the conundrum of what the best way to package and ship your items may be. For those larger, more fragile, or bulkier items, Chicago Mailing Tube Co. has the ideal solution with our kraft mailing tubes.

Our 2.500 x 20 kraft tubes with plastic plugs are the perfect option when you need a shipping container that offers more protection than regular envelopes. Additionally, thanks to their size, they can accommodate larger items such as banners and blueprints that might otherwise be tricky to ship.

Are you ready to experience how Chicago Mailing Tube Co. can help you ship packages with greater convenience? Request a quote online today or send us a message to learn more. You can also reach out to us by calling at (312) 243-6050.