Chicago Mailing Tube Co.

Manufacturer of Spiral Wound Paper Tubes, Cores & Mailing Tubes

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Custom Cores

With CMT's state-of-the art machinery, all cores are made to your specifications. Inside and outside tolerances are met within thousandths of an inch with smooth, clean Blade Cuts for mulitple industries. Order plain or imprint with your logo for maximum exposure or to identify your product. Use CMT converting cores for plastic and paper, textile, film, flexible packaging, roofing felt, nonwovens, gift wrap cores, display cores, table cover rolls, shrink wrap cores and more.

Cores/Inner Strength: We have a variety of paper grades to increase strength without changing specifications for better performance on your cores.

Quality Control: We provide the highest quality materials and adhere to strict specifications. The entire production process is tightly controlled to ensure your order is of the highest quality and is shipped on time.

Common Sizes
3" x 48" 6" x 48"
3" x 60" 6" x 60"
3" x 72" 6" x 72"
3" x 90" 6" x 90"

from .025" to .750"

from .250" to 350" long

Common Walls:
.125", .250", .375" and .500"

Manufacturers and distributors of spirally-wound paper tubes and cores Row of finished custom-sized cores
Machine creating spirally-wound paper tubes and cores Heavy-duty paper tubes and cores Machine with large rolls of paper being wound together to create cores and tubes Group of kraft cores with varying heights, circumferences and thicknesses Large, custom core being machine cut Top Photo: Using calipers to precisely measure the thickness of a core. Bottom Photo: Variety of items that use cores including wrapping paper, ribbon, shrink wrap, paper tape and bubble wrap