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Mailing Shipping Tubes, Mailing Containers, and More

Whatever products you need to ship, Chicago Mailing Tube Co. has mailing shipping tubes to fit your needs. We know you want your products to ship safely, which is why we dedicate our time and effort to building strong containers that will withstand the stress of shipping.

CMT is a family-owned company that has been specializing in tube shipping since 1902. With over 100 years of experience, we're the premier choice when it comes to choosing shipping products.


CMT offers a huge selection of spiral-wound paper mailing tubes. We specialize in creating a variety of custom sizes to accommodate any product. Your order is customized to your specifications, so we make sure your mailing and shipping tubes are detailed according to your unique needs.

We offer the following products:

Our mailing containers or tubes can be sealed in a variety of styles, including self-locking, snap seal, and plastic end caps. Our tubes are available with diameters between 1/2" to 24" and with lengths as long as 350".

At CMT, no minimum amount is required per order, so you get the right amount of mailing shipping tubes you need. We take the time to customize your order and still maintain a quick turnaround.

Quality Control

At CMT, all of our products undergo quality control tests to ensure they're strong enough to withstand whatever pressures they might encounter during shipping. We perform tolerance, crush, and moisture testing, along with multiple caliper tests to ensure our mailing containers are the correct thickness and length. A cardboard tube from CMT is guaranteed to deliver your product safely to its destination.

Submit an Order Today

Choose the best quality shipping tubes for your products. To contact our team or submit an order, call us at (312) 243-6050. You can also email us at or request a quote with our online form.

Mailing Shipping Tubes, Mailing Containers, Mailing Tubes
Group of different sized kraft mailing tubes with end caps Machine cutting a paper core into designated equal lengths Chicago Mailing Tube semi-truck transporting tubes and cores
Using calipers to precisely measure the length of a core Using calipers to precisely measure the thickness of a core Group of mailing tubes of different colors with different end closures
Group of different size, length and color cores Group of kraft cores with varying heights, circumferences and thicknesses