Chicago Mailing Tube Co.

Manufacturer of Spiral Wound Paper Tubes, Cores & Mailing Tubes

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Cores & Mailing Tubes

Whichever product is required; small mailing tubes, large mailing tubes, small cores, large cores, spacers or protectors, each order is customized to your specifications.

Products are available in diameters from 1/2" to 24" and lengths up to 350". Paper tubes are well-suited for hand or on-line insertion. The quality control process includes tolerance, crush and moisture testing.

Quality Control

Quality control is top priority at CMT. We provide the highest quality materials, and adhere to strict specifications. The entire production process is tightly controlled to ensure your order is of the highest quality.

Caliper Test: CMT systematically checks each order multiple times to make sure the thickness and length are within specified tolerances.

A variety of tubes and cores manufactured by Chicago Mailing Tube
Group of different sized kraft mailing tubes with end caps Machine cutting a paper core into designated equal lengths Chicago Mailing Tube semi-truck transporting tubes and cores
Using calipers to precisely measure the length of a core Using calipers to precisely measure the thickness of a core Group of mailing tubes of different colors with different end closures
Group of different size, length and color cores Group of kraft cores with varying heights, circumferences and thicknesses