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Buy Our 2.500 x 24 Kraft Tubes with Plastic Plugs

Three kraft mailing tubes with white plastic plugs

The mailing system in America is quick and efficient, but goods are sometimes damaged in the process. Chicago Mailing Tube Co. is here to present the solution you need. We offer our 2.500 x 24 kraft tubes with plastic plugs so that you can put your delicate items in a tube that will keep them safe throughout the shipping process. Call us today to learn more.

Our Kraft Tubes

Each of our kraft tubes is crafted from recycled material, and we create them in such a way as to protect your items with layers of stiff, durable cardboard. Plus, we make sure that the plastic plugs on each end fit perfectly so that the tube is air and watertight. When you trust one of our tubes to keep your item safe, you won’t be disappointed.

Our 2.500 x 24 tubes are perfect for paper items like posters, documents, or blueprints, and you can also use them for smaller items such as toys or accessories. They are efficient, effective, and economical.

Our Company

Chicago Mailing Tube Co. has been around since 1902, so we have over a century of knowledge and experience when it comes to crafting the best mailing tubes for you. We use only the highest quality materials in our construction process, and we’re dedicated to your satisfaction.

Call us at (312) 243-6050 to learn more.