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3.000 x 15 Kraft Tubes With Plastic Plugs

Three kraft mailing tubes with white plastic plugs

Chicago Mailing Tube Co. is a trusted nationwide supplier of mailing tubes and containers. We have all sizes and types of containers, including 3.000 x 15 kraft tubes with plastic plugs, so you can easily choose the product that will best fit the size of what you want to ship. Call us to learn more about the products we offer and to ask for a quote.

Why Use Our Tubes?

Our tubes are ideal for shipping documents, blueprints, and other small or paper items. The tubes are made of sturdy kraft cardboard, which will protect your items from damage, and the plastic plugs will keep them from falling out.

About Our Company

Chicago Mailing Tube Co. always puts customers first. After you order tubes from us, we will ship them to you within 24 hours. Our tubes are also made of 100% recyclable materials that are durable and that can be disposed of responsibly. We don’t require a minimum order, so you can buy as many or as few mailing tubes as you need.

Call us at (312) 243-6050 to get a quote and to order some of our mailing tubes. If we don’t have tubes in your size, we can manufacture some according to your specifications.