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Purchase 3.000 x 16 Kraft Tubes with Plastic Plugs

Three kraft mailing tubes with white plastic plugs

When you need to ship boxes of goods, you don’t have to worry much about the transit. However, if you have delicate items such as posters, banners, blueprints, or documents, you may worry about their safety during shipping. Chicago Mailing Tube Co. wants to take that worry away with our 3.000 x 16 kraft tubes with plastic plugs. These tubes are specifically designed to protect your goods from any damage during shipping.

High-Quality Shipping Tubes

Our kraft tubes are created using recycled cardboard, which we lay down in multiple layers to provide a strong barrier of protection for any delicate contents. We also add plastic plugs to each end to ensure that the contents stay safe from any moisture or air during transit. No more bent posters, folded documents, or damaged artwork.

Our 3.000 x 16 kraft tubes with plastic plugs are perfect for larger items, but we also have plenty of smaller sizes as well. You can find the perfect tube for whatever you are sending. And you can buy them in bulk or simply one at a time, depending on your needs. See our options for tube sizes to learn more.

If you need shipping tubes of any kind, contact our team today at (312) 243-6050 for a quote.