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Buy 3.000 x 18 Kraft Tubes With Plastic Plugs

Three kraft mailing tubes with white plastic plugs

When you need to ship anything that you can roll up, you need durable tubes to get the job done. Chicago Mailing Tubes Co. offers the solution that you need. Our 3.000 x 18 kraft tubes with plastic plugs are specially designed to protect your rolled belongings from the bumps of transit and any leaks along the way. Buy your kraft tubes today to get the best shipping tubes in the business.

Protect Your Shipments

We understand that you want your shipments to arrive in pristine condition. Whether you’re shipping movie posters, blueprints of construction projects, or documents of any kind, you need durable tubes to ensure that these items aren’t bent or damaged in any way.

Our team creates kraft tubes with plastic plugs to ensure that your belongings arrive at their destination in the exact condition you sent them in. We use layers of durable, recycled cardboard for outer protection, and the plastic plugs prevent any moisture or air from getting inside the tubes.

Plus, because we don’t have any buying restrictions, you can buy these tubes in bulk if you need them, or you can simply buy a handful for a few shipments. Whatever you need, Chicago Mailing Tube Co. can provide.

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