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5.000" x 18" Heavy Duty Kraft Tubes

Chicago Mailing Tubes offers 5.000" x 18" heavy duty kraft tubes with plastic caps. CMT's kraft tubes are extremely sturdy, durable, and efficient. Whether you are shipping residentially, commercially, or industrially, we promise that our snapping tube caps will not pop off during shipment; we ensure that your products will deliver safely. Our heavy-duty kraft tube are afforable and serve as a reliable method to ship all of your commercial, industrial, or personal products for your business.

Chicago Mailing Tube operates in one, cost-efficient facility. We manufacture with the best technology to ensure that every mailing tube is top quality. Because of our flexible production capabilities, we can meet 24-hour shipping deadlines for our customers.

Contact us today at (312) 243-6050 for a quote on our 5" x 18" heavy-duty kraft tubes. No minimum order is required!

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Three heavy-duty telescopic kraft mailing tubes

These heavy-duty kraft tubes with plastic plugs are perfect when sturdiness is required. They are perfect for shipping with UPS, FedEx and USPS. Uses include shipping, hardware, drapery rods, antennas, track lighting kits, metal rods and more. End caps fit snuggly to protect the contents.

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